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The Course Creator Community is one of the largest and most engaged Communities in the world for Online Course Creators. You can take our free course "How to Launch Your First Online Course", join our free Facebook Group the "Course Creator Community" or join our Paid Membership Site the "Course Creator Community VIP Membership Program."

Discover the Best Way to Create and Launch your Online Courses

Most Course Creators spend 6-12 months creating their online courses, they spend a lot of time and energy researching the best platform, creating the PowerPoint slides, recording the videos, editing the videos, uploading the videos, and making the course look good!

Once they are finally ready to take their course to market, they launch and don’t usually get the results they were expecting. They may make a sale or two but that barely covers all the software expenses they needed to launch. And it definitely wasn’t worth the 6-12 months of hard work.

This is a common story for Course Creators and it’s HEARTBREAKING!

At the Course Creator Community, our goal is for this NOT to happen to you!

The first step we recommend is to join our FREE Facebook Group the "Course Creator Community." We have over 5,000 course creators in the Group, everyone in there is super supportive and we all share tips and ideas.

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